About Us

We are Create Flowe...

The idea of Creative Flowe came to me years back as the perfect analogy to how my partner and I lived our lives.  Always striving for a balance of peace, joy and beauty. Ease and Grace.  Being very creative people surrounded by a community of creatives it just made sense that our life would be about Creativity and Flow.   

And the spelling of Flowe is an merging of both of our last names.   

Our intent is to provide products and services that speak to the innate creativity and truest desire for a life of Ease, Grace and Flow.   And we believe every part of life could be filled with beauty.  So were branching our personal creative coaching services out toward sourcing beautiful useful things that allow us to Flowe within everything we do, wear, be.

So we source items that are fun, unique, ordinary but beautiful and always useful

Our truest desire is creative sustainability that supports life.  And this means many different things to everyone.

This is what it means to us: 

  • things that are highly creative, beautiful and useful
  • things that are and can be sustainable and eco friendly
  • things that are utilitarian, can be or are upcycled, recyclable, last for a long time
  • things that can be handmade, original design, innovate or simple needed
  • things that support people, artist, communities, a vision, a dream
  • things that make us smile, things that add value to life

Accept it! You deserve a life surrounded by useful things that have a loveliness. A life of ease and grace. As we will consume, be a consumer of our beautiful and useful products. Things that contribute to the wholesome Flow of life!

Thank you, for supporting our Flowe...

Do drop us a line, tell us about your flow, share some photos. We invite you to become a part of our Creative Flowe Community!

We are Creative Flowe, sourcing beautiful useful things!