"Upcycled" Colorful Toilet Bag "WASH ME"
"Upcycled" Colorful Toilet Bag "WASH ME"
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"Upcycled" Colorful Toilet Bag "WASH ME"

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"Upcycled" Colorful Toilet Bag "WASH ME"

Cool toilet bag with two inside pockets, perfect for travelling due to the water-repellent material!  If something has leaked, it can easily be washed out againn.


  • Lockable with zipper
  • Two inside pockets (one with zipper, one open)
  • Durable & water repellant inside and out
  • Handmade, high quality & fair
  • Signed by the seamstress


  • MADE OF: upcycled cement and fish food bags
  • MADE BY: Put Sophea, Touch Hhanny, Khuon Sithat
  • MADE IN: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • DESIGNED IN: Austria, Europe
  • SHIPS TO:  Austria, Germany, UK, Switzerland, Worldwide
  • DOES NOT SHIP TO: Australia, India, New Zealand, Pakistan
  • SIZE: 45 x 30 x 12 cm (open) 62 x 30 x 12 cm (closed)

*Print is the original bag (raw cement or fish food bag) before upcycle and randomly decorates your bag.  

Your Wash Me is usually (depending on material availability) available in many great colour options:
#fish: yellow, green, pink, light blue, dark blue, turquoise, orange, white; #cement: beige-red-black, beige-blue;
It is packed in a small, reusable cotton bag.

*Be of Care as the colour might come off when in contact with oils or creams.

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